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The Composition of LED Tube Lights

1. LED Tube Lights are composed of multiple ultra-bright LEDs with low power, PC covers with high light transmittance, cooling aluminum parts and drivers.
2. LED Tube Lights adopt two types of light sources, DIP LEDs and SMD LEDs. Among them, the commonly used LED types are SMD3528, SMD2835, SMD3014 high power, etc

LED Tube Lights Compared to Traditional Fluorescent Lights

Compared with incandescent lamps, LED tube lights save more than 80% of electricity and last 10 times longer than traditional fluorescent lamps. They are almost maintenance-free. There is no need to replace tube lamps, ballasts, and glow generators frequently. Green environmental protection type semiconductor light source, soft light, pure spectrum, is conducive to workers’ vision protection and physical health, 6000K cold light source gives people a cool visual feeling, helps to concentrate the mind, and improves efficiency.

LED tube lights have 10 advantages over traditional fluorescent lights:
1. High luminous efficiency: the luminous efficiency of the traditional fluorescent lamp is about 55-80 lm/W, while the luminous efficiency of LED is above 80-100 lm/W. In the future, it will be more than three times that.
2. High efficiency of lamps: the efficiency of lamps mainly refers to the effective light effect. Because they emit 360 degrees of light, traditional fluorescent lamps usually have a white lampshade that reflects a significant portion of the reverse light back to them. In general, the efficiency of traditional fluorescent lamps is only about 70%. LED tube lights emit 120 degrees of light. And the luminous Angle can be adjusted according to the need.
3. High power efficiency: Because all lamps except incandescent lamps need a special power supply, the efficiency of the power supply will affect the efficiency of the whole lamp. Take the Philips 36W T8 fluorescent lamp as an example. Its rated output power is 36W, but because the inductor ballast is connected, the actual input power is 42.4W, that is, the core inductor loses 6.4W, and the efficiency is reduced to 85%. Most core inductors consume more than 10W, and the power factor is lower than 0.512. While the power efficiency of LED is usually up to 90%, an 18W LED tube light only needs 20W of input power. The power factor can also reach above 0.9. Compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp, it can save more than half of the electricity, which means that an 18-watt LED tube light can replace a 36-watt traditional fluorescent lamp.
4. Long lifespan: Carefully designed LED tube lights can last up to 50,000 hours. A typical fluorescent lamp has a life span of 5,000 hours (some have a life span of 300 hours). That’s a nearly 10-fold difference.
5. Mercury free, no pollution: Traditional fluorescent lamps contain mercury. 36mm conventional fluorescent lamps contain 25 to 45mg of mercury and 26mm(T8) contains 20mg of mercury. The traditional fluorescent lamp is made of fragile glass as the shell, once the glass is broken, the mercury in it will immediately evaporate into the air, instantly can make the mercury concentration in the surrounding air reached 10-20 mg/cubic meter, more than the national regulations 1000-2000 times. Mercury is a toxic substance that is very harmful to humans. The mercury vapor of 0.04 to 3 mg can cause chronic poisoning in people within 2 to 3 months, and the mercury vapor of 1.2 to 8.5 mg can cause acute mercury poisoning. If the mercury vapor reaches 20 mg, it will directly lead to the death of animals. One mg of mercury is enough to contaminate 5,454.5 kilograms of drinking water, making it unfit for drinking. And LED tube lights do not contain any toxic substances, are a completely green environmental protection pollution-free light source.
6. Wide range of color temperature: almost any color temperature can be provided, but also can provide red, green, blue and even any color of light.
7. High color rendering index: the color rendering index of the incandescent lamp is 95, that of the traditional fluorescent lamps is 65-80, and that of LED tube lights can be more than 80, or even above 90.
8. No UV radiation.
9. Non-glass products, not easy to damage, impact resistance, vibration resistance.
10. Safety in use: the LED tube lights with external isolated power supply cannot reach the mains high voltage at both ends of the tube, only the safe DC voltage below 36V, and there is no risk of electric shock.

Installation of LED Tube Lights

The installation of LED tube lights is relatively simple, and can be divided into internal and external drivers. When installing the LED tube lights inside the power supply, the original traditional fluorescent lights should be replaced with LED tube lights, and the ballast and glow starter should be removed. Let 220V AC mains power be directly added to both ends of LED tube lights. The external LED tube lights of the power supply are generally equipped with special lamp holders, and the original ones can be used.

The Application of LED Tube Lights

1. Large factories, production workshop, workbench, office indoor lighting;
2. Shopping malls and supermarkets indoor lighting;
3. Underground parking lot, 24 hours of use, electricity saving is considerable;
4. Hospital indoor lighting;
5. School classroom lighting;
6. Family.

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