405 nm Light

The latest 405 nm light disinfection technology. Combination of lighting. Safe disinfection to Air & Surface.
Suitable for office lighting, indoor lighting, hospitals, schools and any commercial places.

405 nm light_Ledhome

405 nm light of LEDHOME(we called Ultra Light) is based on an advanced 405nm LED technology for daily lighting and disinfection. It’s UV-hazard Free, and is designed to meet current rising needs in public and personal health safety.
And provides safe and continuous airborne & surface disinfection at 99.99% automatically when the light is on.

Types of 405 nm Light

Several types of fixtures are available for 405 nm light. These include 405 nm from linear lights, panel lights, downlights, track lights and bulb lights. Each lighting fixture offers a different application and coverage style:

  • 405 nm Linear, Panel, Bulb light: It is suitable for office lighting, home lighting and other disinfection lighting.
  • 405 nm Down, Track light, Bulb light: It is suitable for food lighting, shop lighting and other places lighting and disinfection.

Why Choose 405 nm Light of LEDHOME?

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405 nm light VS lighting

Compared to lighting

405 nm light has Disinfection function. Except for providing soft lighting, is also protecting you from viruses and bacteria once it is on.

405 nm light of Ledhome VS normal 405nm

Compared to normal 405nm

405 nm light of LEDHOME overcomes the blue-violet light of normal 405nm, well integrated with lighting, offers excellent CRI and R9, also full range of CCT.

405 nm light VS uvc

Compared to UVC

Though UVC can also killl microbes, it does harm to human’s eyes and skin. 405nm in Light is harmless, as sunlight to illuminate.

True Deliver Real Color – CRI≥90Ra, Excellent in delivery of true & real colors of objects.

Reasonable CRI

Reasonable CRI

Good CRI

Good CRI

Excellent CRI

Excellent CRI

CRI≥90Ra, Excellent in delivery of true & real colors of objects.

Poor in R9

Rich in R9

Rich in R9

Test Report & Certification – Proven safety & disinfection performance by the third party.

sgs for 405 nm light

SGS Report

Effective Surface Disinfection

CAS for 405 nm light

CAS Report

Trusted Air Disinfection

IEC62471 for 405 nm light

IEC 62471

Safe Proved No Harm

How does 405 nm Light work?

405 nm light of LEDHOME(we called Ultra Light) adopts 405nm, which comes from sunlight, visible and germicidal.

405 nm light is off

405 nm Light is Off,

Disinfection is Off

405 nm light work
405 nm light is on

405 nm Light is On,

Disinfection is On

what's 405nm

What is 405nm?

405 nm light of LEDHOME(we called Ultra Light) adopts 405nm, a special UVA wavelength from sunlight, visible and germicidal. 405nm surrounds us every day when the sun comes out.

How is the inactivation

How is the inactivation?

405nm – Porphyrin Excitation ① Receive 405nm irradiation. ② ROS which is created from the reaction of 405nm and porphyrin, destroy bacteria cells. ③ Porphyrin Excitation damages the cell structure.

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